SkillSlate Internship Application

Please carefully read all the important details below before applying

What are your benefits from this internship?

  1. Opportunity to work with leading education organization with reach across India

  2. Chance to interact and connect with Celebrities, Industry Leaders, and Influencers

  3. Paid opportunities based on proof of results

  4. Opportunity to build up links, both personally and professionally with the external supporters, industrial affiliates, and many others.

  5. The Interns will be having an opportunity to improve their communication, leadership, and social media marketing skills

  6. Certificate of Appreciation

  7. Letter of Recommendation




  1. Compose, execute, and pilot a publicity plan in your city and college.

  2. Orchestrate the execution of Chosen responsibilities throughout the tenure

  3. Lead and facilitate participation from your community.

  4. Devise innovative ways for branding opportunities for your institution/organization/college.

  5. Handle necessary permissions from authority and address queries at your organization.

  6. Representative and point of contact from your organization

  7. Connect with groups and events to establish a relationship with SkillSlate



Qualification Requirements

  1. Should have significant knowledge about the chosen domain.

  2. Should have an Android mobile handset with an Internet pack.

  3. Should check mails regularly because most of the communications happens on mail.

  4. Must have active Whatsapp, LinkedIn, and Facebook profiles.

  5. Students with some experience will be preferred.

  6. 30% Vacancy is reserved for Female Candidate.


Please read all the details and carefully submit the form by putting your best foot forward.

You may read all the questions once, write your answers in notepad and come back to the form to submit the details by copy-pasting. This will ease the process for you.


Please keep handy all your social media profile links, CV, and answers to questions like Why you want to join us and why should we select you?

Please carefully read all the important details above before applying