An online examination system may be laptop-based take a look at a system that may be wont to conduct computer-based mostly tests online. This examination system uses fewer resources and reduces the necessity for question papers and answer scripts, examination space programing, arrangement invigilators, coordinating with examiners, and more. All the processes concerned during a paper-based examination square measure digitized through online examination systems. Right from student learning assessment and entry-level candidate assessment throughout field placements are often done online. This paper can elaborate why online examination is critical, a way to conduct online examination and what square measure the organizations following online examination method.


C. Prakash


Assistant Professor(HOD, Department of MBA) in Sree Rama Engineering College, Tirupati.

I am pursuing Part Time Ph.D in Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. I have 14 years of experience in teaching field and I published more than 12 articles and attended Conferences. I inspired to write this article not to loose his/her precious time of the student due to the delay of conducting physical examination in this pandemic situation. So I am suggesting to conduct online examination based on the academic calendar issued by the universities.


online examination, digital examination, computer-based examination, covid 19.


We all live beneath the constant influence of technology. Be it at our geographical point or area. Most of the sectors like fashion, groceries and financials have shifted to the web domain throughout this pandemic. Similarly, education has conjointly marked a paradigm shift within the direction of technology. an internet examination software system assists faculties and schools to conduct tests exploitation the web.

Most folks became conversant in the character of online categories and video lectures. However, issues persist as so much as online exams square measure involved. the exploitation of an internet examination software system solves this drawback. And, it will thus with nominal human intervention. Online examination portals have become necessary for faculties, schools, and universities across the country.

The current scenario with the COVID-19 pandemic could be a threat to the traditional plan of schoolroom education. At an equivalent time, education cannot stop. Hence, a shift to the digital domain was evident. what's putting is that the magnitude of this shift. Most of school and college authorities square measure in contact with the students over WhatsApp or Email. they're conjointly conducting categories on platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. most schools, most faculties, most schools and colleges have begun to include online exams similarly.


· To know the online examination is necessary. · To analyze how the institutions are conducting online examinations. · To review what are the organisations conducting online examination. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: The study is conducted based on the secondary data that is collected from the different websites and articles. It is a review analysis.

ONLINE EXAMINATION IS NECESSARY In India, The University Grants Commission is wanting to initiate education. And, this news couldn't return at a far better time. With the net shift oil-fired by the unfold of the pandemic, this is often a large relief for Indian academicians of all types. Indian Institute of Management Kashipur is one of the primary institutes that have opted for the net examination route. Similarly, Jindal world University has recently declared that it'll conduct its entrance exams via a web-based software system. It's conjointly reported that urban center technical University can hold its internal exams online in addition.

CONDUCT ONLINE EXAMS WHEN ASSESSING NATIVE CONDITIONS: UGC The Commission has but, suggested the HEIs to make a decision on conducting online exams when fitly assessing the native conditions and guaranteeing that they're ready all told respects following advisories/guidelines/directions issued by the Central/State Government, Ministry of Education, or UGC from time to time to stop the unfold of COVID-19 and for the security and health of all stakeholders. matters could also be relooked by the HEls throughout next month for taking an associate acceptable call during this regard, the official notice reads. Earlier on, the Union Ministry of Education had urged all centrally funded establishments to hold overall offline exams regular in could insight of the COVID-19 pandemic. the net examinations, etc could but continue, the Ministry same. HOW THE ESTABLISHMENTS ARE CONDUCTING ONLINE EXAMINATION “Students shall need the subsequent for showing in on-line finish term examination:

System Requirements:

  • It is suggested that you simply take the examination within the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome browser for seamless expertise.

  • Use a laptop/desktop/Mobile/Tab to look within the exams.

  • Working digital camera for live video.

  • Stable web affiliation. The Examination platform can work with a minimum network speed of 512Kbps for the examination.

  • The pc you're victimization to require the examination should not have over one show or monitor. For example, if you always use a portable computer with a separate further monitor connected, disconnect your monitor, and use solely the portable computer screen.

  • You should shut all different programs or windows on your testing pc before you start the examination.

  • • Disable all the screen-saver, pop-ups/ updates etc. from your browser (Chrome/ Firefox) on pc systems

  • At the beginning of the Examination: • Make positive you're in a quiet and well-lit place, with nobody around you. The lighting within the area should be bright enough to be thought-about “daylight” quality.

  • Overhead lighting is most well-liked. If overhead lighting isn't accessible, the supply of sunshine should not be behind you.

  • It is suggested that you simply make preparations in time before the examination begins. this is often time sure examination, examination can get mechanically submitted when assigned time interval.

  • While you're taking your examination, the software system monitors your pc, together with the programs that you simply have open, therefore kindly keep all applications closed whereas showing for the examination.

  • While you're taking your examination, the software system conjointly records video and sounds.

  • Please browse the examination directions fastidiously.

  • You should sit at a clean table or table. Your table ought to be clear aside from your laptop/desktop/Mobile/Tab, pen/pencil, blank sheet of paper and calculator.

  • No Phone calls ar allowed throughout the examination.

  • The area should be as quiet as potential. Sounds like music or tv don't seem to be allowable During the Examination:

  • It’s a secret and closed note examination.

  • The below-mentioned rules should be followed, and any violation and can mirror in your performance report. Any breaches of the examination report are going to be audited by the University examination team.

  • Decision created by the University examination team are going to be final.

  • Use of Calculator: throughout the preparation of the examination, Utmost care has been taken to make sure the candidate shouldn't need any Calculator to answer the queries.

  • DO NOT copy

  • DO NOT open the other tab or window, throughout the examination

  • DO NOT commit to google out answers or deviate from this browser tab

  • DO NOT use the other electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc. throughout the examination.

  • DO not use earphones or headphones

  • DO NOT use email or other communication (except interacting with University examination Team, if any queries or problems throughout exam)

  • DO NOT leave the examination window at the middle of the examination.

  • DO NOT speak or browse the questions/ answers loudly throughout the examination.

  • DO NOT yield any disturbance within the examination area

  • DO NOT look from the digital camera unnecessarily

  • NO one else ought to be present within the examination area

  • DO NOT eat whereas taking over the examination anything to be present on the examination table/space aside from laptop/computer/Mobile/Tab. One blank sheet of A4-sized paper is allowed within the examination for rough work.

  • It is suggested that you simply specialize in the system screen throughout the examination.

  • The examination is obvious. If you're thinking that one thing isn't right or feel one thing must be processed, please build an associate assumption and proceed. Other directions regarding the net Examination:

  • DO NOT press the ‘F5’ key whereas you're taking the examination, as this can finish the examination and you'll not be able to continue the examination.

  • If your pc shuts down, because of power provide, you'll resume the examination (within fifteen minutes), following constant steps as within the starting. If it takes over a quarter-hour, you will connect your invigilator to resume the examination. all of your answers are going to be saved, and also the examination can continue from wherever you left.

  • Your video is going to be recorded throughout the whole course of the examination. Hence, please make certain there's decent lighting. make certain your head is in line with the digital camera, and your full image is captured. don't move off from the examination screen.

  • The invigilator is going to be watching your live video and live desktop. If the invigilator notices any violation (as mentioned above), the invigilator has the proper to pause or maybe terminate the examination, as per the extent of the violation.

  • The timer is going to be on the upper right of the examination window. Keep a watch on that. A warning message can seem only a moment is left to end the examination.

Following are the key platforms that are providing service to conduct online Exams

  • Eklavvya platform is wonderful to conduct secure online exams

  • MeritTrac’s online examination platform Pariksha will facilitate contour online exam administration.


  • Mumbai University

  • Delhi public school

  • VIT University

  • Indian Institute of Plantation Management (IIPM)

  • Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Gwalior.

  • TATA Trust Endowment Group

  • MIT Group of Institutions

  • Gujarat University

  • Patna University

  • Pune University

  • Delhi Technological University

  • REVA University Etc.,


Online examination tests square measure unquestionably turning into a medium of assessing candidates’ data and ability. they supply flexibility to instructional institutes to form, manage and evaluate examinees effortlessly. With fast assessment and period report generation, results may be declared straight off when the students have completed the take a look at. Online examination tests have revolutionized the education business by automating manual, tedious, and cumbersome processes.


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