Starting a YouTube Channel in 2021? We'll help you get started with some nifty Do's and Don'ts

Starting a YouTube Channel in 2021? We'll help you get started with some nifty Do's and Don'ts

Read the article till the end to understand what are the things you need to be very careful about. You will realize that you have been missing on some of the most promising yet obvious things while you will also realize that you have been doing many things wrong.


1. If you're new, start afresh.

Suppose you're deciding to start uploading videos on YouTube, whether for your contentment, as a social initiative, or as a career option, and/or look forward to earning income from YouTube. In that case, it is best to start on a new channel.

To see how old your channel is, open your channel on the YouTube website or on the YouTube mobile app, and scroll to the "About" section. There you will see your channel creation date.

If your channel is older than two years and you have not worked on growing it as such, or if it doesn’t have significant growth, it is recommended that you start a new channel.*

If your channel is just six months or one year old and you have been uploading content, you can continue with the same.

Another point is to make sure that you're using a brand channel and not a personal channel if your channel name is not going to be your own name. (You can watch videos explaining brand channels/accounts)

*You don't need to create a new Google Account for a new channel. You can create multiple channels under one Google Account.

2. Use the "YT Studio" Mobile App.

Use the "YT Studio" mobile app for Android and iOS.

It helps you view and manage your channel on the go. You can view your channel's analytics and also view and reply to viewers' comments.

It is not a replacement for the YouTube Studio on your PC, but it proves quite handy and quick when you don't have access to your computer.

3. Explore the YouTube Audio Library.

The YouTube audio library is a great space to get copyright-free music and sound effects for your videos.

You will find thousands of tracks and sound effects to match your content.

Some of the audios require attribution (but they are free), which means you have to credit the song name and the artist's name in your video description. All of this is provided with the audios only, do not worry!

4. Understand YouTube Analytics.

YouTube Analytics is the most coherent presentation of your channel's performance. From the number of views you are racking up to the most seemingly outlandish combinations of metrics, all can be done using the YouTube Analytics reports.

Understanding YouTube analytics is essential as it can play an instrumental role in navigating your thoughts and decisions you take towards your channel and content.

5. Using TubeBuddy and VidIq.

You can use browser extensions like TubeBuddy and VidIq. They're free to use extensions and certain features can be purchased. You can watch videos on how to use them.

6. Have a call to action.

As a new channel, it is a good practice to ask your viewers to like your video and subscribe to your channel. To keep it subtle is the key and not overstressing it to burn out the moment.

It may be done at the start of the video or at the end, or both depending on the type of your content and number of subscribers on your channel (For example- if you have over 100k subscribers, even doing it once or not doing it will suffice).

Or you may smartly place images or animations somewhere in the middle of your videos, asking viewers to like and subscribe. It all depends upon you. You have to figure out your own game.

7. Making videos on Trending Topics.

Making videos on Trending Topics plays a vital role in the growth and exposure of a YouTube Channel.

As in today's world, trending events and memes are always high-interest areas for the audience. So it should be on your list to leverage such opportunities (in the right ways) for the growth of your channel (and not spam them).

Making videos on such topics while they're hot and relevant kicks up your views on those videos for the time. It also helps you gain subscribers for your regular content.

This is also an excellent way to start as a new channel.

But a point to note is that such videos lose their competence after their time has gone, and the same is then reflected in their growth.

8. Making Evergreen Content.

As much as making videos on Trending Topics is important, on the same level, it is important to make Evergreen Content. A simple explanation of the same can be; a video that a viewer can watch even years later and still derive satisfactory utility from it.

A good example is videos in the "Comedy" category. A comedy video will entertain you right when it is uploaded, and even years later, it will still possess the capacity of being able to make you laugh and make you remember to revisit it, just like your favorite TV show or film!

Evergreen content works the opposite of Trending Videos. They have slower growth but have greater longevity.

So it is imperative to strike a balance and fabricate a combination of both to achieve optimum results.

9. Have your own unique catchlines.

Having your own unique phrases or catchlines gives you a personality, an image, a reason for you to be commemorated by your audience even when they're not watching your videos.

Your viewers might find- you incorporating the phrases and catchlines into your video and script more appealing and enjoyable. Thus it keeps your viewers connect to you and the channel.

And remember, your channel is your brand, so it is up to you to grow and present it responsibly.

You may take time to aptly figure out your lines; you need not use them from your very first video.

10. Use the Channel Customization Features.

The customization features are the best way to organize your channel, and it's presentation.

You can add or change your channel icon, banner, and video branding (watermark) and organize your YouTube channel's home page, which is visible to the public.

To access this, go to the "Customization" section in the YouTube Studio on your computer and explore the options in front of you.

11. Custom URL for your Channel.

If you have more than 100 subscribers on your channel, you are eligible for a custom channel URL.

For eg:*yourchannelname*.

To get yours, go to the "Customisation" section in the YouTube Studio on your computer, click on the "Basic Info" tab and scroll down to "Channel URL," and select "Set a custom URL for your channel."

12. Create Playlists.

Creating playlists is the best way to gather your content and serve it to viewers that are very much interested in your content. This allows viewers to watch your videos one after the other without having to find them.

It is also an excellent way to organise certain types of content together.

For instance, let's assume you are running a cooking channel; in that case, you can create playlists for staple items, bakery items, fried items, different types of cuisines, etc.

This feature can be leveraged as superlative as your imagination.

13. Create and upload original content.

To qualify for channel monetisation the cleanest, make sure you don't majorly have simply re-uploaded and/or copyrighted content and content from TV shows, concerts, viral memes and content of nature of no value as such.

Have original content and quality content, be genuine and don't impersonate.

When your channel goes into review, your subscriptions' source, your views' traffic source, any guideline violations, and also your videos with which you have achieved the 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time requirements will be closely reviewed.

If these videos are your own and original, there is a high chance your approval would be quicker.

And if the monetisation requirements have been met with videos having copyrighted content, non-original content, inordinate viral meme videos, etc., your channel may not be approved for monetisation. In certain cases, you may be given a month's time to improve on that before you go into review again.

14. Have your Viewers Follow you on other Social Media.

As soon as you start getting noticeable traction, you may start asking viewers to follow you on other social media platforms. Having a substantial following on multiple platforms compounds your and your channel's credibility as a person and a brand, respectively.

Having a good amount of following across platforms also becomes pivotal in getting verification badges on various social media.


1. Don't ever participate in sub for sub (or sub4sub) and/or in view for view (or view4view).

It means subscribing to someone's channel in exchange for them subscribing to your channel. And it is the same with views.

But why?

-It is against YouTube's Terms & Conditions.

-It is highly damaging in the long term.

-Results in low watchtime from subscribers.

-It impacts the channel's standing during review for monetisation.

2. Don't put-up your video ratings on your own.

Don't open your videos on others' phones just for the sake or for likes and close it immediately.

But why?

-It impedes your channel's audience retention and view quality. Not good in the long run.

3. Don't spam the same content.

You can make multiple informative videos on one topic, but don't have the same content and titles. Doing so is classified under "Repetitive/Repetitious Content", which under YouTube's policy is a violation.

But why?

-Your channel may get flagged for Community Guideline and/or Policy Violation.

-It impacts the channel standing during review for monetisation.

4. Don't put keywords (or video tags) in the video description.

Don't insert your video tags into the description. Tags should be put in their requisite field only.

But why?

-Your channel may get flagged for Community Guideline and/or Policy Violation.

-It impacts the channel's standing during review for monetisation.

5. Undue promotions or demonstrations.

Do not promote any illegal, illegitimate, untrusted, unreasonable applications or websites in your videos.

It may include but is not limited to unwarranted video or software downloading websites and apps, sexual/adult content, hateful content, unnecessary political content, causing trouble to others, acts of piracy and demonstrating how to carry out any such processes and anything which generally falls into the unprincipled category.

Also, do not put any such links to apps or websites in your videos or titles or descriptions.

Be cautious while using URL shorteners. Mostly they're unacceptable. Avoid using shortened links to redirect viewers. Use actual valid links instead.

But why?

-It may result in termination of your channel and also your Google Account in case of severe violation.

-Your channel may get flagged for Community Guideline and/or Policy Violation.

-It impacts the channel's standing during review for monetization.

6. Don't simply re-upload others' content.

Using others' videos to make reviews, skits, comedy sketches, reactions, etc., is acceptable as long as you add some value from your side- either high-quality editing and/or voiceover and/or face cam.